Coon Valley Story Hunt

Reading Story Hunt

Looking for something to do with your kids? Take the Story Hunt around Coon Valley! This is a great activity for older kids to do on their bike…or for younger kids to do with mom or dad.

Pages from the picture book “Reading Makes You Feel Good” by Todd Parr are placed at different businesses in Coon Valley. Some are easy to see (& read) from outside; for some you may have to go inside to find the page. Some places have more than one page, so make sure you read each page and the directions for finding the next one. Please be respectful of the businesses and their landscaping!

The first page is at the Valley Market; other businesses participating (but not necessarily in order) are: the Library, Chances Are, Seland’s Karpetland, Donna’s Daughters, WCCU, River Bank, Coon Valley Farmers’ Telephone Company, CV Dairy Supply, the Village Office, Thrifty Pickins, Mane Attraction, and the Village Hall. When you’ve found every page and read the whole story, come to the library and let us know how you liked it!


Imagine Your Story!

Knutson Memorial Library

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us!