Saving Your Digital Stuff

Personal & Family History

If you are like many Wisconsinites, your family history is gradually moving from analog (photographs, letters, keepsakes) to digital (websites, social-media accounts, files in the cloud). Learn how to ensure your family’s digital history doesn’t disappear in a cloud of pixels!

Join Dorothea Salo on Sunday, October 20th at 3:00 in the Westby Community Room (lower level of Bekkum Memorial Library) for an entertaining and informative talk on "Saving Your Digital Stuff"!

Dorothea Salo teaches about digital information in the iSchool at UW-Madison: everything from online privacy and security to relational-database design. She has also built “Recover Analog and Digital Data” (RADD) to save personal, family, and community history in Wisconsin from decaying 20th-century media such as VHStapes and floppy disks. Her professional interests include copyright, scholarly communication, and digital preservation. #BadgerTalks #WISCIFEST

This talk is part of the 2019 Wisconsin Science Festival and is brought to you by Bekkum Memorial Library and Knutson Memorial Library.



Digital Family Tree

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