Summer Reading Program for All Ages

Begins June 15, 2020

Choose Your Challenge

Log your reading and earn badges and rewards all while giving your child a head start in school! This challenge continues until you enter Kindergarten.

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This summer’s reading program is all about using your imagination!

Dive into those books about myths and fairy tales; about heroes and daring deeds. Log your time spent reading and along the way try some fun activities – you will earn badges; some of them with a prize.

If you complete the WHOLE challenge, you will win an extra special, super-duper book of your choice!

Start Tracking!

Reading for fun increases the chances for success in college- just think how smart you will be after you’ve read 100 books (and think how much fun you’ll have while you are reading)!

Take as long as you need to complete the challenge; earn badges at mileposts along the way to mark your progress.

Everyone who registers will be included in each bi-monthly drawing; every time you earn a badge, your name will be added again.

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This challenge asks you to read a book in each of 10 categories.

Broaden your reading horizons; each category you complete will earn a chance to win awesome prizes.

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Try our Online Logging & Tracking Option!


What is Beanstack?

Beanstack is the library's web-based summer reading software. It allows you to track your minutes and activities, notifies you when you've won a prize, and lets you know about upcoming events at the library.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the blue "Register an Individual or Family" button
  3. Fill in the information. If you are a parent registering a child, be sure to enter your information under "Adult Information". Beanstack allows families to be linked together, so that all members can be accessed under one login.
  4. Once you are registered,you will be taken to your account page. This is where you will log your minutes or books and activities and track the badges you earn!
  1. Go to or download the Beanstack Tracker app for Android and iPhone!
    Android App on Google PlayAvailable on the App Store
  2. Click on the blue "Log Reading and Activities" button in the upper left corner or on the blue plus sign in the app.
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen to log what you've accomplished.
  4. When you hit a reading landmark, you will receive a badge and may be eligible to win a prize!

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