We at the Knutson Memorial Library were thrilled to be a part of the 7th Annual Vernon County Reads event.

Thursday night author Jeff Nania captivated and inspired his audience with tales of his life and the land. Celebrating and protecting the natural beauty of Wisconsin is a key component of Nania’s Northern Lakes Mystery series. Woven throughout the author’s talk were moments that clearly inspired the events of his novels. From the shovel speech to stories of Aldo Leopold, each anecdote was a call to action for listeners to put in the hard work themselves to appreciate and perserve our enviroment.

Nania was excited to learn of our community’s 90th anniversary celebration of the Coon Creek Watershed Project, which Linda Schulte shared with the author during the q & a section.

Thank you to our fellow Vernon County libraries, the Driftless Writing Center, the Coon Valley American Legion, Jeff Nania, and to everyone else who made this event a success.