Here are our top ten Creativebug Jewelry-Making Classes!

Did you know that you can access a whole host of online crafting classes for free with your library card? Follow this link to create an account using your Winding Rivers Library Card.

We hope this list will inspire you do some crafting of your own.

“Bring the party with you when you wear these vibrant, playful earrings made by you. Jewelry designer Faheema Chaudhury of Unicorn Crafts walks you through every step of this satisfying process by first creating a slab with multiple colors, then baking, and assembling your earrings. Her love of color and fun is infections, and this project is fabulous fun whether you’re a beginner or have worked with polymer clay for years.”

“Polymer clay is a surprisingly flexible material that you can mix up and manipulate to beautiful effect. Faheema Chaudhury of Unicorn Crafts expertly guides you through creating a gorgeous set of watercolor marbled hair clips. Faheema loves color, and you’ll be using a lot of them to give your plain white polymer clay an ethereal watercolor design. You’ll learn some clay basics like how to properly condition it, shape it, and bake it. You’ll also have so much fun discovering the techniques for making a marbled watercolor slab. Plus, Faheema will even show you her secret tip for giving your hair clips a perfectly smooth finish.”

“Your bin of fabric scraps can be a treasure trove of style, as demonstrated in this fun class by accessory designer Tracey-Renee Hubbard of Scotchbonnet!. Learn how to turn a simple  rectangles of fabric into a fun scrunchie, a turban headband, and a tie-on necklace. These projects are fabulous for beginners and only require a few straight seams and a bit of elastic. While Tracey-Renee’s personal aesthetic is bright, bold, and filled with pops of color, you can use any fabric you like to reflect your own taste and personalize your pieces.”

“This seemingly complex stitch pattern is a clever crochet technique, and Marly Bird makes it super simple to understand. Using a crochet hook and one giant knitting needle, you’ll learn how to work a small band of lace and create a finished cuff in no time!”

“Learn the classic art of hand smocking as you make a beautifully textured statement necklace. The scale of this project makes a perfect introduction to this rewarding technique. The overall effect is clean and symmetrical – while also organic and dramatic.”

“In this workshop, jewelry designer Alix Bluh will show you a simple crochet stitch for beading that offers endless options for customization by using different thread and bead combinations. You’ll also learn how to create different style clasps, and incorporate leather for a less time-intensive project that achieves the same sophisticated look. The fundamentals that you’ll learn in this class can be endlessly adapted to achieve different looks depending on the color thread and gems you chose.”

This charm necklace subtly reveals your astrological sign, with understated sophistication. Alix shows you how to hand stamp the constellation of your birth sign onto a brass disc with faceted stars. You can add a gemstone or an additional charm with an initial for a necklace that tells a sweet and pretty secret. A template for all twelve constellations is included.”

Create original and wearable works of art with shrinkable plastic. Nicole shows you how to take your own artwork, or use scanned images and fabric to create designs. Then watch them shrink down into miniature versions with intensely concentrated color. The magic and satisfaction works on kids of all ages!”

“In this workshop, Jenny will teach you how to crochet a scalloped flower, a five-petal flower, a small circle and a simple band. Stack the elements to make a cuff or a brooch. Or assemble the flowers and circles into a statement necklace. Jenny reviews every stitch you need in order to start whipping up these sweet and simple combinations.”

“Learn to create a versatile link that becomes the foundation for a whimsical charm bracelet. Melanie shows you the tools you need and the most effective way to organize your jewelry-making production line, as well as how to create uniform links that can be turned into bracelets and necklaces. This is a terrific project for building jewelry skills, as well as using orphaned beads from other beading projects.”