Hello, it’s Anna, your friendly neighborhood librarian! I’m here with another update on our Crafting Fun!

Since the holidays are just around the corner,  I figured we would create a painting that you can hang in your home all winter long!

This lovely picture features a glowing lamppost and a couple of adorable cardinals. Snow cascades down around the lovebirds as they enjoy the season!



Click through this gallery to see the paintings our class created this month!

It is always wonderful to see painters step out of their comfort zones to create a beautiful painting. Sometimes a design seems too complicated and we don’t know where to even start. That is why it’s nice to take a step-by-step class like this. Not to mention you get to enjoy painting with your closest friends! In the end every painting turned out amazing.

Thank you so much for attending November’s Crafting Fun event. Don’t forget to join us in December for our TWO painting classes!

On December 11 at 4 pm, we are learning to create Watercolor Cards just in time for Christmas!

December 18 at 4pm, we will be having another acrylic painting class. This time we are creating a snowy landscape!